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Newton Essential Vs Original Crib Mattress Review

Newton Essential Vs Original Crib Mattress

The essential and original crib mattresses by newton are both high-quality products with excellent features and benefits. Newton makes two versions of their crib mattresses, the essential and the original.

While both are made with a breathable design and washable cover, they have a few differences. The essential is a more affordable version, with a thinner mattress pad and limited customization options. On the other hand, the original has a thicker pad and comes with the option to add a personalized cover.

Both mattresses are safe, non-toxic, and made with sustainable materials and we will discuss more about these two in this Newton Essential Vs Original Crib Mattress article. Ultimately, the best choice and will depend on your budget and personal preferences.

Newton Mattress Essential Vs Original: Which One to Choose?

Newton Essential Crib Mattress

When it comes to choosing a crib mattress for your baby, safety and comfort should be your top priorities. The newton essential and original crib mattresses are both good options, but let’s focus on the essential version. Unlike traditional foam or coil mattresses, the essential is made of 90% air and 10% food-grade polymer.

The material composition makes it breathable, washable, and hypoallergenic. It also meets rigorous safety standards such as being free of toxic chemicals and gases. User reviews praise its comfort and how easy it is to clean. However, some note a slight firmness to the mattress.

Ultimately, the newton essential crib mattress provides a safe and comfortable sleep environment for your baby.

Original Crib Mattress

When deciding between the newton essential and original crib mattress, the original mattress stands out due to its material composition. The high-quality foam is both durable and supportive, ensuring a comfortable sleeping surface for infants. Additionally, it meets strict safety standards, giving parents peace of mind.

User reviews praise its ability to provide a good night’s sleep for both baby and parents, as well as its resilience against spills and accidents. Choosing a mattress for a newborn can be overwhelming, but the original crib mattress’s benefits make it a top contender.

Key Differences: Newton Original And Essential Crib Mattress

Both newton essential and original crib mattresses offer unique features to parents. While the essential model provides a waterproof and breathable cover, the original offers the benefits of being washable. In terms of material composition, the essential uses breathe-thru technology, whereas the original is made with recycled materials.

Both mattresses meet safety standards, but the essential model exceeds them. User reviews show that the original gets higher marks for sleep quality, while the essential performs better on the safety front. Parents will ultimately need to make a decision based on what’s most important to them between essential vs original newton mattress.

How To Choose The Right Crib Mattress For Your Baby

When choosing a crib mattress for your baby, safety, durability, support, breathability and other factors should be considered. There are two popular options: newton essential and original crib mattress. The essential model is lightweight and affordable, while the original offers additional breathability and support.

To make an informed decision, consider your budget, preferences and baby’s needs. Additionally, make sure the mattress fits snugly in the crib and meets safety standards. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions and avoid using secondhand mattresses. Overall, choosing the right mattress is crucial for your baby’s comfort and safety during sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Newton Essential Vs Original Crib Mattress

What Is The Difference Between Newton Essential And Original Crib Mattress?

Newton essential is the affordable version, while the original is more expensive due to its superior design. The essential has one layer of breathable material, whereas the original has a 2-layer design to improve breathability and comfort.

What Is The Warranty Period For Newton Crib Mattresses?

The newton crib mattresses come with a limited lifetime warranty. This means that for as long as you own the mattress, if it becomes defective due to poor workmanship or materials, you can get it repaired or replaced by the manufacturer.

Are Newton Crib Mattresses Eco-Friendly?

Yes, newton crib mattresses are eco-friendly and made of 100% recyclable materials. They do not contain any harmful chemicals or off-gassing materials that could harm your baby, making them a safe and environmentally friendly choice.

Are Newton Crib Mattresses Easy To Clean?

Yes, newton crib mattresses are easy to clean. You can wash the cover in a washing machine and tumble dry on low heat. For more thorough cleaning, you can remove the cover and wash it in the washing machine. The mattress core can be rinsed and air-dried if necessary as already mentioned in this newton essential vs original review.

Is Newton Crib Mattress Safe For Babies?

Yes, newton crib mattresses are safe for babies. They are designed to be breathable and hypoallergenic, reducing the risk of suffocation and allergic reactions. They are also greenguard gold certified, which means they have been tested and verified to meet strict chemical emissions standards.


After careful examination of both the newton essential and the original crib mattress, it is clear that both options have their own unique benefits. While the essntial crib mattress offers a more traditional feel and a lower price point, the newton original offers unparalleled breathability and a safer sleep environment.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and priorities. If you are looking for a highly breathable mattress with superior safety features for your baby, the newton essential is the way to go. However, if you are on a tight budget and prefer a more traditional mattress, the original crib mattress may be a better option.

Whichever mattress you choose , it is important to prioritize safety and your baby’s comfort above all else. Hopefully, this newton original vs essential crib mattress comparison has helped you make an informed decision and secure a peaceful night’s sleep for you and your little one.

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